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Laura Briggs is the bestselling author of multiple lighthearted romance books, including the Amazon UK Top 100's LATE TO THE WEDDING and the popular A WEDDING IN CORNWALL series. Since her debut with Pelican Book Group's inspirational novella ONLY IN NOVELS, she has worked both with publishers and as an independent author, as well as partnering with others writers, including working under a pen name in other genres. She loves vintage fashion, classic movies, British melodrama, and spending time with her pets.

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RW Author Interview

Thanks so much for stopping by the Romance Weekly Cafe today, Laura. It’s a beautiful day for a chat outside on the Cafe Patio!

Okay, I see you've got your yummy cheese Danish and chocolate mocha latte, so let's get right to the interview.

At what point in your life did you realized that being an author was no longer going to be just a dream but a career you were going to turn into reality?

Even though it didn’t mean instant success, my first publishing contract was a definite turning point. Before that, I had mainly worked as a beta reader/editor for a fellow writer. When Pelican Book Group accepted my short story, Only in Novels, I began to see the possibility for writing to be part of my own career. Another major turning point was expanding into independent publishing, with the romantic novella The Wedding Caper finding success via Amazon and Smashwords.

Which of your characters is most like you?

That’s a tough one. When I pen a romance book, I typically picture the heroine in terms of what actress would best fit the role in a film version. With fantasy books, I’m always concerned with keeping characteristics from the original tales somewhat intact. As far as sharing hobbies or interests, there’s a connection with Lannie in Only in Novels, since we both love to read, and I would probably love to run my own hole-in-the-wall bookstore with all my favorite titles in stock.

If you were stranded on a desert island, which character from either of your books would you want with you?

Hmmm. Probably, I would choose the faerie, Faenwick, since her magic powers could be a ticket off that desert island -- as long as I could think of some way to talk her into using them, of course!

Where do you write?

At home, usually in the living room, so music and TV are readily available for distraction (I mean, inspiration). I work on a laptop, and often have a cat volunteer as a writing muse.

What would YOU like your readers to know about your books or you in general?

That I like to dabble in different genres. Right now, I’m working in both fantasy and romance, but if I like a story that doesn’t fit either of those, I’d probably take a stab at it anyway. I enjoy different styles and stories as a reader, so that will end up showing in my work as well.

What's one piece of advice you would give aspiring authors?

The story you see in your head will never transfer perfectly to the page. Most times, I’m hoping to get at least sixty to seventy percent of what I first pictured into a finished project. Reality takes the shine off the best of ideas, so you have to be prepared to let some of your expectations go.

Do you have a favorite author?

Lots. Jane Austen’s books are some that I return to again and again, especially Sense and Sensibility.

Me too! Austen is my favorite author, hands down. What is your favorite quote?

I don’t have a favorite, but this one is always fun: “Some day, you will be old enough to start reading fairy tales again”-- C.S. Lewis

I like that! What genre of books do you read for pleasure? 

Mysteries. Agatha Christie’s Sleeping Murder is one of my favorites. Recently, I’ve enjoyed reading works by Alex Grecian, Lynn Shepherd, and Henning Mankell. 

What’s the most amusing thing that’s ever happened to you?

A couple years ago, I was helping someone buy a fake, seven foot tall Christmas tree. The box was too large to go in the trunk, so three of us were trying to cram this huge, heavy box into the backseat of their car. It was going pretty awful, when this stranger in the car next to us started filming it with her cell phone…so, yeah, probably that will someday seem amusing to me. Maybe.

😅Yeah, I can see how that would "someday" be funny! What do you like to do when you’re not writing? 

Grow pumpkins and ornamental gourds, read books, bake cupcakes, go out for Chinese food.

Sounds idyllic. Who is the Fiction Hero you’d run off with? 

My answer as a seven year old would have been Robin Hood. Being a fan of mysteries (both novels and TV), I can think of some fairly swoon worthy crime solvers. Unfortunately, most of them would be too obsessed with their work to run off with anyone. 

If all TV shows were real, what show (all time) would you most like to live in? 

Gilmore Girls, because Stars Hollow is a constant hub for festivals and fun. Plus the scenery is gorgeous and no one ever suffers anything more tragic than the occasional broken heart.

😜Some RW Random-Ness😜

Party dress or blue jeans? Party dresses, whenever I can. 

Plotter or Panster? Plotter--pansting would kill me (and the book!) 

Print or e-Book? Print, mostly. 

Coastal walks or extreme sports? Coastal walks, hands down. 

Cookies or cupcakes? Cupcakes, unless the cookies have M&Ms. 

Super hero or super villain? Super hero. 

If I had a free afternoon I’d . . . go to a movie or play. 

The smell of what takes you back to your childhood? Honeysuckle

You suddenly realize you live in a haunted house. Do you:
  1. Run screaming for the door.
  2. Bravely go to a church, load up on holy water and try to get rid of the ghost.
  3. Set up ghost hunting equipment to capture phenomenon.
  4. Call in the Ghost Adventures crew so that you can ogle the lead guy Zac’s amazingly stiff hair when you’re not ogling his uh, physical attributes.
  5. Deny you have a ghost and just let it scare the bejesus out of your visitors.
Sadly, my answer would be #1 (although, I would probably try to incorporate it into a future book if it didn’t leave a scar).

Could you tell us five random facts about yourself? 

Here we go:
  1. I published e-Books for at least three years before I had an e-Reader.
  2. My only time to travel by airplane has been on a college trip to England.
  3. Secretly, I wish to own a dress as gorgeously impractical as those featured on the CW show Reign.
  4. Old episodes of Mystery Science Theater are my favorite remedy for a bad mood.
  5. Disney’s Aladdin was the first movie I ever saw at the theater.
Thanks again for stopping by today, Laura. It's truly been a pleasure visiting with you!

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